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Primarily specializing in: Species of health pests (e.g., ticks), stock pests, material pests. II > Anura > Caudata and Gymnophiona. II >> Plethodontidae.

Taxonomic Expertise
The species is identified on basis of current taxonomic keys and determined according to the international nomenclature policy (ICZN, ICBN), binominal from genus (or subgenus) and species. In extenso a determination on lower taxonomic level down to the subspecies (allopatric subspezies or variety ) can be necessary. In special cases, apart from the exomorphological and anatomical characteristics, also geographical and ecological aspects (e.g. areal, distribution, accidental hosts, seasonal variability) are consulted. Literature data, collection references to the holotypus of the taxon and a revision for synonyms and trivial names accompanies the taxonomic, macroscopic and microscopic documentation, which comes with a concluding abstract. Additional cytological, caryological, embryological, chemotaxonomic, moleculargenetic and also palynological characterizations have to be coordinated interdisciplinary. A previous collection and documentation of all life traces e.g. shells, exoskeletons or gnawing traces supports the successfull taxonomic work. Feel free to contact me. For freelance or vacancy.

General Taxonomic Approach

First diagnosis of the specimen to be determined.

Comparison with current taxonomic keys for classification.

Taxonomic description and detailed diagnosis of the species.

Concluding validation of the taxonomic data or new description of excluding data.


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